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Our Online Traffic School Reviews

We know that GoToTrafficSchool.com is the best way to get your traffic ticket dismissed and avoid spending your hard earned cash on fines and insurance increases, but we think it′s best to hear it straight from drivers like you. That′s why we′re sharing real reviews from real drivers that have benefited from our online traffic school course, so you can decide for yourself.

Our students rated us 4.7 out of 5 stars!

S.Y. HwangThis is a great traffic school course - very simple and very informative!
R. DuongI learned so many things! I can't even describe into words how much this driver improvement course helped!
V. GuoI learned so many things! I can't even describe into words how much this driver improvement course helped!
T. WongI like how this defensive driving course reminds people of the common sense things we tend to forget.
S. BurksThis was a great way to learn driving safety!
J. HwangI really enjoyed this traffic school course. Great use of multimedia, well-written, easy to follow, well-organized, and overall user-friendly. I definitely would recommend this course to anyone. Great price, also!
J. HermosilloThis online traffic school course is very well laid out for older people who are a little "slower" on the computer.
M. MartinmaasAwesome online traffic school course! I liked the fact that I had the option to listen to the lessons rather than read them.
J. McDanielThis driver improvement course is great and I was so pleased to be able to take it online and not have to go to a traffic school classroom. Thank you for making this service available. Also, I actually learned some new things!
K. HapsisThis online traffic school course was simple, informative, straight to the point, and easy to understand!
G. MartinezThis online traffic school course is great because it allows you to stop and come back when you have time to finish. Thank you for making this easy! I hope I never need to take defensive driving again, but if I do I'm coming here! I plan to tell my friends about this great course.
S. BautistaEasy to read--I enjoyed your driver safety illustrations using character figures for the designated drivers chapter. It put a smile on my face!
H. BernalYa'll are doing great!!! Thank you for being the best online traffic school out there!!!
J. SamuelsGreat traffic school course and easy to Use. Will definitely recommend to friends.
A. RisterThis was much better than finding a physical [traffic school] class to take. Thanks!
D. HynesGreat overview of safe driving and I actually learned some new things. Taking this course has given me a much better appreciation for safe driving.
H. PoppletonThis internet traffic school course is very informative. It covered a lot of things that I had forgotten. Great review!
A. RodriguezGreat driver improvement course, simple enough and convenient. Would highly recommend it.
K. TonsgardGreat [online traffic school] class--tough but thorough. The pictures and videos really kept me engaged. I learned a lot after previously thinking I already knew it all.
M. RoblesI think it's great since you can complete the traffic school course in several days on your own pace.
W. KarpiakI enjoyed this traffic safety class a lot. A solid learning experience, good questions and insightful course content. I learned a great deal!!
T. SunVery useful and informative [online traffic school course]. A good review of some forgotten material and learned about some new traffic laws.
J. CanaleBeing able to do this traffic school course from home was wonderful.
J. BenavidesGreat program, very insightful. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends!
M. ZendejasThis is a great online traffic school course and I will recommend it to those who need to take driving school.
A. BullockThis was the first time I've taken driving school, and it was great. A co-worker of mine referred me to you and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do this. Great job and keep up the good work!
A. SimontonGreat traffic school course! Very useful and convenient at the same time.
M. AlrawashdehThis was a great online course and I enjoyed it very much. Much better than sitting through 8 hrs of boring traffic school! Thank you!
W. LibenYou can't imagine how useful this defensive driving course has been for me. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know!
L. KocheverWonderful, easy online traffic school course. Much more enjoyable than sitting in a tiny little plastic classroom chair for eight (8) hours on a Saturday!
K. WilliamsEveryone should take this course before getting a driver's license. I've been driving for nearly 35 years, and GoToTrafficSchool's course taught me things that I did not know. It was very informative!
A. SlusherI think you guys did a great job on this site. I am not proud to admit that I have taken online traffic school courses a few times after receiving tickets, GoToTrafficSchool is by far the best course I have taken. The material is straight to the point and did not cause me any grief. Thank you!
R. GallowayGotToTrafficSchool's traffic school course is great--very helpful, interesting and fun to take!
A. WoodeGoToTrafficSchool's online traffic school course is detailed, balanced, and well outlined. It is the perfect "refresher course.
J. HendersonI loved being able to take my time and work at my own pace. I highly recommend GoToTrafficSchool!
S. BarriosGoToTrafficSchool has the best customer service staff. Very friendly and extremely helpful.
G. FernandezA great refresher defensive driving course on safe driving skills! Everyone should take this course at least once every 3-4 years.
P. HaynesA super user-friendly online traffic school course!
A. AragonOverall, it was an excellent traffic school course. I really appreciated the historical facts and interesting statistics.
T. Moore-HarperThe online driver improvement course is great and I humbly admit that it was a great refresher on safe driving skills.
K. EdwardsIt was a very informative and helpful online defensive driving course. I was curious about a few driving regulations and this course answered them.
K. TofteI was initially very upset about having to take driving school after getting a ticket in a speed trap, but I found this online traffic school course to be very interesting, entertaining, and a great learning experience. While I felt very unlucky to have received a ticket when I thought I was driving carefully, I now realize how lucky I've been all of the times I have not driven carefully. Thank you!
R. MooreThis course is a great way to meet traffic school requirements!
T. KolchinsI've taken lots of e-learning courses, and I'm very impressed at how well GoToTrafficSchool.com is designed. Excellent!
L. LopezA very useful, entertaining, and educational traffic school program overall.
C. FinchVery simple and easy to understand [online traffic school course]. It was great to be able to complete this course at my convenience. Very appreciated!
J. DuhaylungsodI enjoyed the ticket dismissal course and it has improved my driving knowledge. I would recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you so much!
T. SchaperIt was a great traffic school course and good learning experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone.
A. SosaThe driver improvement program was easy to follow. It also made sure that I was paying attention when I had to answer the short quizzes at the end of each chapter and verification questions. Great job!
E. NorrisA really good [traffic school] learning course--it was easy but challenging in the same way.
C. LiThis is the best online defensive driving course to use. Thank you!
J. KuznikThe material was presented in a very conversational manner, holding the reader's attention and allowing them to better retain the information.
L. TaskerThe material was presented in a very conversational manner, holding the reader's attention and allowing them to better retain the information.
E. GoodenThe course was very easy to use and simple to understand. I feel you asked the right questions and got the information across that I needed to know.
A. SandvikGreat course. Easy to maneuver. I like the the colorful text and examples. It made it easy to follow along and read.
R. HaaseThank you for providing an easy and affordable traffic school course.
B. Garcia-ChavezI was glad to be able to take the course in my own home. Having a small child and no babysitter, this worked out great for me! Thank you!
R. BrittainGreat course! Even though I've been driving for over 40 years, the course was an excellent refresher.
I. SantanaThis course was very helpful and educational for new drivers like myself.
M. Sproul-SinghA big relief not to have to spend all day in a local class in person!
J. Bland-HayesThe course has a lot of good information that should be shared with everyone.
J. CrenshawI thought the course was well put together and informative. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you.
P. FrancisGood, affordable course. I would recommend to anyone needing traffic school. Thank you.
V. EstradaA very informative course given in a clear and concise manner. I thought it would be really boring, but it was interesting and informative. This [online traffic school course] was much better than sitting in a classroom!
W. DuncanThis course was very user-friendly. Thank you for providing an alternative to taking defensive driving in a classroom!
A. CulverThe traffic school course was very helpful. I learned a lot and I will become a better driver for it.
S. WilsonThis defensive driving course was a great experience for me! It reminded me of rules and regulations that I had put aside in my everyday driving.
C. OtisA very informative and well-formatted internet traffic school course that was easy to follow.
L. ZamoraThis online traffic school course was very easy to use and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
T. MacThis [online point reduction] course helped me a lot and it made me learn to become a better and safer driver. I am so happy I found this course and the price was reasonable!
S. MakundThe [online traffic school] course was direct and to the point. It didn't waste [time] with any useless information. Enjoyed every chapter!
V. BushGo To Traffic School is simple and gets the job done. That's exactly what I needed. I also have an increased respect for driving rules and traffic laws and appreciate the peace officers who work very hard to keep our roads safe. Thank you for making something I dreaded to do into a good learning experience.
L. WillettI thought the information was useful and easy to understand and follow. The test questions were fair and tested my understanding of the material. I will recommend this course to others.
J. ShinThe best online traffic school I've ever tried yet! Thank you.
P. AsencioThe Los Angeles traffic school course was not only informational but clear, to the point, understandable and very professional! I congratulate you!
S. RahnI checked with 3 other online schools and am glad I chose GoToTrafficSchool.com... I did not expect to learn but certainly did; I would recommend online traffic school and most definitely GoToTrafficSchool.com. Thank you.
L. InenoThanks for offering such a fantastic Los Angeles traffic school course. I'll definitely recommend you to friends and family.
P. KancovThe online florida traffic school course is very good, clear and very educational.
H. HungThe movies and flash provide excellent information about traffic school and defensive driving.
T. GustersI enjoyed the course...the information was easy to follow and your site is very user friendly.
A. Ng LoI really enjoyed it! You guys are very funny. I shared the [driving safety] examples with my boyfriend and he said the course he took was very boring... not mine! Good job! Will refer my friends!

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